About US


in 2020 Thai Delicious Food International will  move forward to improve the taste of Thai traditional recipes to the international market, we care for our clients  food taste and wellbeing.


Concentrate We want to develop the  Thai authentic recipes with great taste and deep roots in Thai food tradition Search
We select the raw material and stuff according to the international standard, safety  and non toxic food Forward We forward the Thai authentic food to the next generation to be secure with internationally salutation and original taste.


By 2020 Thai Delicious Food International Is going forward with the unique taste of Thai recipes across 5 continents Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa We develop Thai food into the  international market with 300 recipes.


Save Time
​Save time in selecting the best quality raw materials as well as preparation process. The portion of food can be easily increased or reduced depending on the number of customers. No waiting time for the customers.

Same Taste
Every dish provides standard taste and quality guaranteed by local and international researchers. Taste comes with the best selected ingredients from all the regions in Thailand.

Save Cost
Reduce costs for the kitchen staff as well as on raw material stock waste. Able to control purchase order and pre-order mistakes, food can be restored for 18 months in good condition.

Boost Sales
The best quality and taste attract more customers as well as improving customers’ loyalty towards the restaurant. The menu can be easily adapted with more variety of tasty choices.


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